Welcome to my Wild Moments, the online photo gallery of award-winning digital photographer Michael Greene. Tour my professional collection of landscape photography and nature images from the most spectacular places in America. Fine art and stock photography as well as canvas prints are available for sale. Allow me to take you on a journey that transcends time and space so that you may enjoy these beautiful scenes at their most intimate.

The Pulse of the Southwest

This gallery features intimate abstracts as well as scenic views from many of the most popular and remote desert locations in Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico.

The Spectacular Continental Divide

Discover the beautiful outdoors through photos of the Yellowstone NP, the world’s first national park. These pictures encompass lakes, rivers, meadows and geothermal features around the Old Faithful area. Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming and magnificent mountain scenes from Colorado and Nevada are also included.

Western US Scenery Including Alaska

View scenic beach, alpine peak, and desert shots from California and Washington. This gallery is highlighted by grand scenes from Yosemite National Park and the Sierra Nevada range in CA.

Texas National Parks: Guadalupe Mountains and Big Bend

Big Bend National Park in Texas is a hiker's paradise and backpackers dream. From it's iconic mountains to its majestic rivers - this is the largest expanse of the Chihuahuan Desert in the United States. Guadalupe Mountains includes the highest point in the state.

Woods and Water: Impressions of the East Coast

Delve into nature’s colorful garden of autumn leaves and moss covered rocks. See roaring waterfalls set against a green and orange background of fall foliage. Idyllic forest, river, creek and stream scenes from Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, and Tennessee are on display.

The Human Handprint

These galleries feature either urban landscape images or wilderness images that include the hand of man.

The Classic Series

This gallery features black and white photography as well as original versions of some of America’s most iconic natural images. Some personal favorites taken on my own and during various photo workshops are shown here.

Tropical Paradises

This gallery features scenes from Costa Rica's prestine SouthEastern coast as well as Hawaii's oldest island. A variety of landscapes including rugged mountains, waterfalls, sandstone cliffs and sand beaches.