About the Photographer

Photographer’s mission:  To share my passion with others through unique works of art of remote places as seen through the lens of my mind’s eye.

Originally from Central Pennsylvania, Michael developed an affinity for the outdoors at a young age while spending time at his family's cabin. After graduating from The Ohio State University with a BS in Business marketing; Michael moved to Arizona to experience the grandeur of the southwest. He returned to school at Arizona State University and earned an MA in Mass Communications while studying cinematography. Blessed with a keen eye for detail, Michael studied the methods and styles artists use to communicate their subject matter. While working at a television station, he was mentored by a videographer and later by a high school friend who is a professional wedding photographer. After a decade of hiking and exploring, Michael chose photography as a way of sharing his experiences with others. He enjoys helping individuals with their own outdoor pursuits and sharing his intimate knowledge of America's most spectacular places. Michael considers nature and the outdoors God's greatest cathedral and strives to present it as such.