Services: Custom Landscape Photography And Hiking Tours (Now Booking For 2024-2025): Colorful Personalities: The Hidden Splendor Of New Mexico's Badlands

Lost in the innocuous landscape of Northern New Mexico's barren high desert are incredible scenes from otherworldy places. Discover brilliant displays of hoodoos, mushroom rocks, ghost rocks, alien vistas, and bizarre sandstone. Formations unique enough to bring a smile to explorer's face. Capturing these stunning icons is pure bliss - it's finding them that's the hard part. Original, hard to find locations takes front and center stage on this private workshop that is sure to wow even the most seasoned veteran. Take a trip on the wild side and contact me about this one-of-a-kind opportunity today.

Optimal Dates

September, October, November, April, May. Summertime brings monsoons, which also help keep temperatures down. Nights are usually cool. 

What We'll Focus On:

• Developing a unique vision with an emphasis on the technical aspects of composition
• Which way to shoot and why: identifying the different kinds of light in the field
• Focus blending for extended depth of field
• Nighttime photography

Recommended Trip Length:

2 - 5 days. (Two-day minimum) Trip can easily be combined with a voyage to the nearby San Juan Mountains.

Meeting Location:

New Mexico or Arizona

Physical Demands:

Moderate. Full days in the field involve a minimum of two to four miles of hiking on flat surfaces at elevations around 5,000 feet. The hiking is not difficult, but physical activity is a must for this trip.


bisti wilderness


new mexico badlands


iconic view of the badlands

Details, Details, Details...

Please contact me prior to paying a deposit to discuss the following:

  • Confirm availability for your selected start date
  • Arrange additional transportation from either Phoenix or Payson 
  • If you'd like to pay via personal check or money order
  • Interested in a private group tour of more than 3 persons
  • If you have any specific concerns about equipment, physical ability, or health related issues
  • *This trip can be combined with the Showy Colorado trip. Minimum trip length is 3 days to combine. 

Deposit, Cancellation and Refund Policies

  • Security deposit is $150 applied towards the full cost of the tour
  • Deposits are fully refundable (less a $35 administration fee) 90 or more days prior to the start of the tour
  • Refunds to be issued within 21 days
  • Deposits are non-refundable less than 90 days before the start of the tour
  • Remaining balance due 45 days before the designated start date
  • If a cancellation occurs within 30 days before the designated start date, full cost of the tour is retained
  • If cancellation occurs all owed and paid fees can be transferred (at no extra charge) to the cost of an additional tour to be used within one calendar year (one time only)

Reservation Deposit


The Sacred Meeting
The First Morning